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Pelagic 910S Boat Bottom Coating Video

910S Boat Bottom Coating


  • Easy to Clean
  • Clear
  • Reduces Drag for Better Fuel Economy
  • Inorganic – Wont Support Organic Growth
  • Non-Ablative
  • Kit Includes Part A & B
  • Kit covers approximately 250 sq. ft. *

*Note:  See Product Images and FAQ (below) for how to estimate square foot coverage for different shapes.


See additional Information Below.


Pelagic 910S Boat Bottom Coating Video

910S Boat Bottom Coating is specifically engineered for both fiberglass and aluminum boats, as well as for direct application to other properly prepared plastic and metal substrates.  It provides exceptional chemical, moisture, and abrasion resistance.  It is HAPs and isocyanate free.

May be applied by clean shop towels, brush, or microfiber pad.  See TDS and application video for complete mixing and application instructions.  Kit covers approximately 250 sq. ft.

Shelf Life:  24 months from the manufacturing date if unopened.
Storage:  Store in a cool, dry place.  Close all containers after use.

See label, TDS, and SDS for complete information.

California Warning Symbol  Cancer & Reproductive Harm –

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Pelagic Marine Products 910S Boat Bottom Coating provides easy release of biofouling. It’s inorganic and doesn’t feed biofouling, thus reducing what will be deposited on your boat.

While The Clean Hull Initiative is specifically for ocean freighters, 910S Boat Bottom Coating accomplishes the same goal by helping keep invasive aquatic species from transferring to inland waterways and spreading.

Learn more about the Clean Hull Initiative at


910S Boat Bottom Coating covers approximately 250 square feet.  See the chart below to help figure how much you need.

Pelagic Marine Products - Estimate Square Ft.

After ensuring that your boat is clean, we recommend wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining contaminants. If your boat is being used in salt water, after cleaning it to remove algae, barnacles, and other contaminants, we recommend washing it down with Pelagic Brine-Away. 910S Boat Bottom Coating can be sprayed or applied with a microfiber rag or sponge at a spread rate of 250-300 square feet per mixed kit at 1.5- 2 mils dry. Be sure to protect your hands with rubber gloves when applying Pelagic 910S Boat Bottom Coating.

Even with a new boats we still recommend a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any waxes, oils, compounds that may have been applied.

910S Boat Bottom Coating can be coated over if it is first abraded with an item such as a red Scotch-Brite pad. This coating will last 5-7 years before needing to be recoated.

By providing a glass-like, inorganic finish, the coating does not allow algae, barnacles or other growth that can create drag on your boat, thus decreasing your speed and fuel economy.

Pelagic 910S Boat Bottom Coating is a non-ablative glass-like coating that is permanent and does not wear away as the vessel goes through the water. Ablative coatings, such as today’s copper or tin-based coatings, are toxic to biofouling organisms and release themselves into the water creating a hazardous environment. Additionally, removal of copper and tin-based materials costs boatyards and marinas additional money for environmental permits and disposal which is passed on to boaters.

910S Boat Bottom Coating adheres to aluminum by sharing electrons between two atoms, thus making it one with the aluminum.

Yes. 910S Boat Bottom Coating is effective in both salt water and fresh water.

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910S Boat Bottom Coating is a long service-life coating.  Removal can be difficult, but it is possible.

Removing From Fiberglass Gelcoat:
910S can be removed fromPelagic Marine Products - Sample Random Orbital SanderPelagic Marine Products - Sandpaper Sample gelcoat on fiberglass with minimal effect on the gelcoat using a random orbital sander and P600 grit sandpaper. Please sand gently so that you do not damage the gelcoat. The coating is fully removed once the surface looks dull. Buffing will restore the gelcoat gloss, and it can then be re-coated with 910S Boat Bottom Coating. As always, please test in an unnoticed area to judge the efficacy of removal on your vessel.

Removing From Aluminum:
910S can be removed from aluminum by using Sunnyside® Back to Nature® Multi-Strip™ Advanced Safer Paint Remover.Pelagic Marine Products - Safer Paint Remover

Please research and wear proper personal protective equipment. Apply a saturated coat to the 910S Boat Bottom Coating. After a few minutes, wrinkles will appear in the finish, indicating that it is working. Pelagic Marine Products - Wrinkle Sample Removing CoatingLet it remain on the surface until wrinkling has progressed sufficiently. Rinse your vessel with water and a rag to remove the stripper and coating. Inspect the vessel and reapply as necessary until the coating is removed. Wash the vessel thoroughly before re-coating.

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