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910S Boat Bottom Coating

I have personally used 910s Bottom Coating. It has worked wonders for me! I leave my boat in the water for 6 months of the summer and pull it out at the end of the year and the bottom still looks brand new! Highly recommend this product!
910S Boat Bottom Coating

A friend told me about Pelagic Marine Coatings early last year. I was able to apply it to my pontoon before last summer and had my boat in the water all season. Holy cow, what a fantastic product. My boat sits in Lake Sinclair and I usually have to acid wash it when I take it out. Not this time, it washed clean with a garden hose!
910S Boat Bottom Coating

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I couldn’t be happier with the results of your boat bottom coating! I trailer my Ranger fishing boat to and from the lake and store indoors after every use… Still I was paying $800 each fall to have the bottom of my boat buffed and waxed. There was always a dirty film that would build up over the course of the summer, even after I washed it multiple times.

Since using your Pelagic boat bottom product, this fall after a little “wipe down” with a garden hose and a microfiber rag, the bottom still looks like the day it first got buffed. I picked up a few miles per hour also!

Thanks again. You guys made my life a little easier.
910S Boat Bottom Coating

I sail a 44 ft. Hunter on Lake Michigan out of a marina in St Joseph, MI, and had the good fortune of being moored next to Richard Lutz VP of Pelagic Marine Products. While the marine bottom coating was still in its pre-production phase, Richard offered to give me a sample to further test the coating.

I am giving this product 5 out of 5 stars for several reasons. After a simple cleaning and acetone rub down simply wipe this product on (one coat only) and it’s like a glass finish that was extremely smooth. Realized much less algae growth and the real beauty was fall cleaning, windex and paper towels and everything came right off and back to glassy finish.

No more nasty ablative paints for me! Two thumbs up to Pelagic Marine products!
910S Boat Bottom Coating

I used to spend hours cleaning my toons with acid and other chemicals. Now, with 910s boat coating, I simply pressure wash my toons when I remove my boat at the end of the year.
910S Boat Bottom Coating

After years of relentlessly cleaning and scrubbing my aluminum fishing boat at the end of each season, 910s boat coat makes buttoning up for the winter a breeze! I am excited to try other products in the future!!

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